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This training programme will give you an insight into the variety of remote working options, the opportunities that technology creates and how knowledge of technology can be useful in any industry today.

By choosing the specialisation "Customer Support Specialist" you will learn the skills that are most commonly used in a customer support team in a large or medium-sized company, as well as in a call centre customer support department. The aim of the programme is to encourage you to move closer to your goal of starting your career remotely by developing your digital skills.

Customer service specialists work on solutions following pre-defined guidelines, taking into account customer suggestions and complaints about products or services to ensure their satisfaction.

To take part in the training, you must be aged between 20 and 29 and from Latvia, Bulgaria, Cyprus or Croatia. The programme will be in Latvian and English, free of charge and online. Recordings of the sessions will also be available after the online sessions.

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Find what you love to do, do it in the modern world - remotely!

Together, let's foster a safe and supportive environment so that learning is easy for all! Subject-matter experts will share their knowledge online and after graduation you will have the opportunity to start your career by meeting employers or finding a job in companies looking for specialists!

A chance to gain new knowledge in an active way!

The program will bring together experts in the field to share up-to-date knowledge. The training materials will include both quizzes and workshops with practical work assignments!

Learn in a safe and supportive environment!

Start from the beginning! Together, we will foster a safe and supportive environment to make your introduction to technology as successful as possible.

A great opportunity to finish your studies with a paid job

At the end of the programme, companies will present their open vacancies and you will have a great opportunity to participate in speed-dating interviews to start working remotely!


The lectures will be divided into 9 blocks, each focusing on the digital skills needed in professions to work remotely.

1. Introduction to digital skills and remote working
Opening module on the world of technology and online professional etiquette

2. Practical tools for time management - techniques and psychology
Learn how to study better and balance work and private life

3. Communicating using digital technologies and working with information and data
Learn about effective communication with colleagues and data security

4. Digital tools available and how to use them
Using collaboration tools in everyday life and in electronic transactions

5. Digital marketing: What is an advertising campaign?
Learn how to use digital resources for campaigns.

6. Digital Marketing: Image and video processing
Learn how to process images and videos and apply copyright

7. Digital Marketing: Evaluating data, information and digital content
Learn how to regularly monitor and analyse the results of your campaigns

8. Remote working professions and project management - a brief insight into the day-to-day work
Take a look at the most in-demand remote working professions in companies and professionals' daily lives

9. Personal motivation and career development
Build a great CV and LinkedIn profile with career support professionals

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